Mike and Michelle answer your questions about running Disney races. 

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Episode 96: Progress and Changes: Catching Up With Brian As He Prepares for His First runDisney Race

August 27, 2013

We visit again with Brian Thompson, who made a life-changing decision a few months ago. Brian and his wife, Laura, discuss their progress in preparing for their first Disney 5K in January.

Episode 95: Getting Over A Case of the Ruts

August 22, 2013

Everyone gets into a running rut every now and then. In this episode, Michelle and Mike share strategies, as well as listener ideas to get over a case of the running ruts. 

Episode 94: How to Choose Your First runDisney Race

August 20, 2013

This is the first in a series in which we help folks consider how to prepare for the first runDisney experience. In this episode we discuss what things a new runner should think about when choosing your first runDisney race. 

Episode 93: Disney Runner Questions

August 15, 2013

Mike and Michelle tackle your questions about running Disney races. 

Episode 92: Dlsneyland Race Preview

August 13, 2013

Guests Mike Paxton and Chris Eliopoulos join us to preview the races in Disneyland on Labor Day Weekend.  We'll be talking about how to manage the Health and Fitness Expo and packet pick up, as well as features of the 5K, 10K, and half marathons. 

Episode 91: Disney Runner Questions

August 8, 2013

Michelle and Mike tackle questions and share listener comments about running Disney races.

Episode 90: What Disney Runners Talk About at Dinner

August 6, 2013

Four Disney running events join us for a lively dinner conversation. Listen in as we discuss which our favorite element we'd choose to make a whole new runDisney race. 

Episode 89: Disney Runner Questions

August 1, 2013

Michelle and Mike answer listener questions about running Disney races.