runDisney Nutritionist and Diet Diva Tara Gidus is back (yay!) and walks us step-by-step through nutrition for the Dopey. 

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Episode 123: Why We Gain Weight When Training for Endurance Events

November 25, 2013

runDisney nutritionist, Diet Diva Tara Gidus, joins us to talk about reasons that runners gain weight when training to endurance events. 

Episode 122: Disney Runner Questions

November 21, 2013

Michelle and Mike answer your questions about running Disney races. 

Episode 121: On the Road With Disney Parks at the runDisney Meet Up in Atlanta

November 18, 2013

Diet Diva Tara Gidus and Jessica Awotona tell us all about their experiences at the runDisney meet up in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Episode 120: 2013 runDisney Wine and Dine Race Review

November 13, 2013

You asked for longer episodes for your long runs and you got it! In this special double episode, we chat with Eddie McCoy and Michael Miller about their "Goofy in a Day" experience, and Rich Gairing joins the gang to share race reviews of the Wine and Dine Race Weekend. Mickey Miles Podcast team member, Phill Vanderpool, shares some interviews from the runDisney Meet-Up.

Episode 119: Using Race Chase to Help Plan Your Cheering

November 12, 2013

Runner and cheering expert, Dave Aulen, joins us to discuss his wonderful new e-book called Race Chase and how it will help folks who want to cheer on their runners.

Episode 118: Doing runDisney Races in Costume

November 7, 2013

Guests Maryalicia Verdecchia and Ellie Argaluza join us to talk about the "whys" and "hows" about running in costume at a runDisney event.

Episode 117: Goofy and Dopey Training Preview

November 5, 2013

With January race weekend 63 days away, veteran Goofy runners, Holly Aulen and Michael Miller, join us to give us tips about training and prep for these multi-day races.