Michelle, Chris, and Mike talk about some upcoming running gear and gadgets....that are in their dreams...including Vaseline Socks?!?!

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Episode 426: Mike Hosts: “What’s Your Percentages?” with Michelle and Chris

October 25, 2016

Mike throws out some ideas and thoughts about runDisney and Disney in general and asks Chris and Michelle to weigh in on how confident they are that these things may come true.

Episode 425:Late Night With Chris Eliopoulos - Part II

October 20, 2016

Chris Eliopoulos completes his story of what it's like to go on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Episode 424:Late Night with Chris Eliopoulos - Part I

October 18, 2016

In the first of two rare non Disney and non runDisney episodes Mike and Michelle ask Chris Eliopoulos how it went on the day he appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers!

Episode 423: Questions! Questions! Questions

October 13, 2016

Mike and Michelle answer listener questions and Mike speaks his mind regarding race insurance.

Episode 422: Walt Disney World Character Brunch and Lunch Options

October 11, 2016

Chris and Mike discuss the character brunch and lunch offerings at Walt Disney World.

Episode 421: The Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon Weekend Review: Part II

October 4, 2016

We continue reviewing the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon Weekend with Laura Gilbreath and Lee Zimmerman.

Episode 420: The Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon Weekend Review: Part I

October 3, 2016

Laura Gilbreath and Lee Zimmerman join us for the first of 2 episodes to talk about their impressions on the 2016 Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend.